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Geometry of Silence. Filippo Minelli. Asia.

Filippo Minelli has been busy traveling throughout asia the past couple of months. During his travels and research he was able to engage public space with a new series of installations and projects.  (more : graffturism)



PACO | schemata Jo Nagasaka & Daisuke Motogi via archello

PACO is a multilevel 3m x 3m x 3m cube with tatami flooring, opening roof with skylight, rear door, kitchen, wet-bath with toilet. The design project attempts to incorporate all necessities within 3m cubed.


maison savioz. savioz fabrizzi architectes. giète-délé. switzerland. photos (c) savioz fabrizzi architectes . former barn-holiday home-transformation


Son Kul Reggie de With

Son Kul is a mountain lake in the Central Tian Shan range, virtually in the centre of Kyrgyzstan. One translation of the name is «The Last Lake».